Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Long Time No Post Doesn't Mean...

I haven't been giving out "Thanks for Wearing a Helmet" dollars. In fact, just a couple of days ago I was cruising along the trail on my way to a meeting, when I happened to see a young boy with his dad. They were stopped on the side of the trail. The boy had a helmet on, so I screeched to a stop and said my, so far, most effective line, "Hey, I have something for the young man!" Dad says, "O...kay".

As I pulled out a dollar with the card attached, I explained to the dad about my Thanks for Wearing a Helmet campaign. Dad gave the dollar to Jasper who put it into his jacket pocket. Dad said thanks (Jasper being the small, silent type, stayed, well...silent). I told them I had a meeting to get to so I'd better be on my way.

A short distance further down the trail, I met three teenagers (2 wearing helmets). Turns out they were previous recipients! Nice to see they are still wearing their helmets (except for the one kid who was still NOT wearing a helmet)!

Now that Spring is upon us, I expect I'll be having more opportunities to thank kids for wearing helmets. I'd better stock up on supplies!