Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Milestone of Sorts

On my way home from a ride downtown, I was on the Woodland Trail when I approached a family of three. The little boy was wailing away--something about not wanting to ride--wanting ice cream. Anyway, the little guy did have a helmet on, so I stopped and gave him a dollar. Well, that stopped the tears right away! Happy to help.

Then, on the Chehalis Western Trail I stopped a teenage kid with his parents and gave him a dollar. Well, that was my last dollar with a card attached. I had run out of the original batch of 30 cards I had made! That means I've given out $30 to 30 kids who have been wearing helmets!

Just a short while later, I came across 5 kids--3 wearing helmets. I didn't have any more dollars with cards, but I did have a few dollars. They were all teenagers and were actually pretty excited to get a buck. One of the kids who wasn't wearing a helmet said his helmet was broken. One of the boys who was wearing a helmet offered to give the kid an extra helmet that he had. I thought that was pretty great!

So, I came home and printed up another batch of cards. I wonder how long it will take me to give out this next bunch...

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