Friday, September 28, 2012

And I Heard Her Exclaim As I Rode Out Of Sight...

..."Aren't you glad we did a bike ride?"

Yes, another two recipients from the Thanks For Wearing a Helmet Campaign.

I was heading home from downtown on the trail when I spotted a kid coming toward me. I put on the brakes and told him I had something for him. Fortunately, he had stopped to wait for his mom and sister because he acted like he hadn't heard me--the whole "Don't talk to strangers" thing I'm sure. Still, I pulled out a dollar and gave it to him. He politely said, "Thank you Ma'am." About that time mom rolled up and asked what was going on. The kid told her I had given him a dollar for wearing a helmet. Then the sister rolled up and I gave one to her too. The mom said I didn't have to do that, but I told her it was my Thanks For Wearing A Helmet Campaign. She then told me how they had seen a couple of kids get in accidents without helmets, so she always makes her kids wear their helmets. She also thanked me for reinforcing that. The best part of this whole campaign is when I can reinforce what the parent is saying. Protect your head by wearing a helmet. Your brain thanks you and so do I!

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