Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Surprising Number of Recipients

My friend Carol came to Olympia with her Bike Friday bike so we could go for a ride. We just decided to do the one part of the Chehalis Western Trail that she hasn't done--north from Horizons Elem. to the end at Woodard Bay.

Fortunately, I had my TFWAH dollars in my trunk bag because I ended up giving out 6 dollars and cards!

The first two were at the trailhead at 67th. There were two parents and two kids. One little boy was in a bike seat on the back of the bike. He had his helmet on. The girl didn't have her helmet on. At first I wasn't sure if the girl was with them. When I gave the little boy his dollar, the girl's face just dropped. It was then that Carol noticed she did have a helmet. I said, "Oh, I didn't see your helmet! You get a dollar too!" She brightened up quickly! Whew! I'm glad Carol caught that one!

Further along the trail I saw 4 kids and two adults. Two of the kids had helmets on, two did not. I asked the adults if those were their kids. The two with helmets were theirs. So, I gave the parents 2 dollars and cards to give to their kids.

As we were coming back I stopped for another kid and his mom. At first the mom was going to keep going, but Carol said, "You might as well take it, she's doing this for every kid with a helmet on." So the kid took the dollar.

The last kid was in Horizon Point. As I stopped to pull out a dollar for him, Carol said, "It's your lucky day!"

I was just planning on going for a ride with Carol. In fact, each time we stopped I said to Carol, "Hold on, I have to give this/these kid(s) a dollar." She didn't seem to mind. It was great having someone else with me. I think it is less "threatening" if two ladies stop rather than just me. Maybe I'll have to recruit someone to go with me.

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